4 July 2023, Tue

Holy Quran burnt in Sweden

Jamaat declares peaceful protest demonstration on Friday

A condemnable incident of burning the holy Quran took place on last 28th June in front of the central mosque in Stockholm of Sweden. The incident severely hurt the religious sentiment of the people. Different countries have protested and condemned the incident already. The world will arrange demonstrations on 7th July protesting against this heinous incident. The Islam-loving people of Bangladesh will also take part in such demonstration immediate after the Juma prayer.

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Acting Ameer Professor Mujibur Rahman has called upon the Muslim devotees of the country to take part in the protest demonstration and also to make it successful.

In a statement, Acting Ameer further said, Al Quran is the only mean of ensuring freedom and salvation. The holy Quran is a divine book with universal message. It is the most guaranteed guide for the humanity. People of other religions equally respect and honor the holy Quran. So, the incident of burning the holy Quran has shocked the Muslims around the world. It is the moral and basic obligation of every Muslims to raise voice against this incident. I am seeking the assistance and cooperation of the administration so that the people of Bangladesh can peacefully organize this demonstration.