27 May 2023, Sat

Jamaat activists have to play a crucial role in the upcoming movement, says Professor Mujib

Jessor West organizational district organized a virtual workers’ conference today. District Ameer Maulana Habibur Rahman presided over the conference which was hosted by district Secretary Maulana Shihab Uddin. Acting Ameer of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and former MP Professor Mujibur Rahman addressed the program as the chief guest.

In his address, the chief guest said, Jamaat workers have to build their lives as per the spirit of the Quran and Hadith. We should keep it in mind, the world is not our destiny, rather it is Akhirah. We have to collect issues from that consideration. The grave is moving fast ahead of us.

We should initiate our activities by reciting prayers, as we have been taught by the Prophet (pbuH). Mentioning 41 verses of Sura Hajj, he claimed that, after bestowing power upon an authority, they have 4 basic obligations. 1. Establishing Salah 2. Launching economy based on Zakah 3. Patronizing the good ones and 4. Restricting the wrongdoers. But instead of these doing such duties, the incumbent government is committing countless crimes.

He said, to resolve the ongoing political stalemate, there is no alternative but restoring the caretaker government system. Earlier, Awami League had given consent to this system and carried out a movement by holding ties with Jamaat-e-Islami in 1993. Later, this system was included in the constitution. But after coming to power this time, the Awami League government scrapped the system and put the nation into a severe crisis. The demand of restoring a caretaker government has become a national demand now. Jamaat activists have to play a bold role in the upcoming movement. All detained leaders of the organization have to be released.

Among others, Jamaat’s central executive committee member Mobarak Hossain and the party’s central working committee member Maulana Azizur Rahman also addressed the program as special guests.