28 March 2023, Tue

Social discrimination will not be eliminated without the Zakat-based economy, says Professor Mujibur Rahman

Almighty Allah has made fasting obligatory. The holy Quran was revealed in the month of Ramadan. To Almighty Allah, this month is considered very significant and prestigious. So, the right of this month is to establish Quranic doctrine. The holy Prophet said (peace be upon Him) said, “Whoever does not give up false speech and work with it, Allah has no need in his abstinence from food and drink.” There is not any Ramadan month; when he did not perform Itiqaf. So, we have to preserve the sanctity of this month with full dignity and fervor.

Acting Ameer of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and former lawmaker Professor Mujibur Rahman said this while virtually addressing a workshop of the Bogra region’s working committee members on 28th March. Bogra region’s coordinator and party’s Assistant Secretary General Maulana Abdul Halim presided over the meeting while regional team member Professor Nazrul Islam hosted the workshop. Jamaat’s Acting Secretary General Maulana ATM Masum and Assistant Secretary General and former MP Maulana Hamidur Rahman Azad addressed the workshop as the special guests. Among others, regional team members Maulana Abdu Rahim and Maulana Abdul Haq Sarkar spoke on the occasion. 6 district Ameers were also present in the program.

Acting Ameer said Allah made interest illegal. Interest-based finance is a bad crime. But unfortunately, instead of a Zakat-based economy, an interest-based economy is prevailing in our country. As a result, people of all walks of are being harassed in many ways. It also caused severe discrimination in society. The poor are becoming poorer and the rich are turning into richer. So, we have to launch Allah-guided Zakat-based economy.

He said the holy Quran recommended working through consultation. The incumbent government did not come to office with the public mandate. As such, they do not care of the public view. There is no existence of human rights, rule of law, civil rights, and justice. Fair election is not possible under this oppressor government. They should be forced to arrange an election under a caretaker government. I am urging people of all sections to make a united effort to make the ongoing movement successful.

Professor Mujib said the government has kept lots of Jamaat leaders and activists imprisoned including party’s Ameer Dr. Shafiqur Rahman. They must be released immediately. Many people including former Jamaat Ameer Professor Ghulam Azam’s son, retired Brigadier General Abdullahil Aman Azmi, and Jamaat’s former executive committee member Shaheed Mir Quasem Ali’s son and Supreme Court lawyer Barrister Ahmad Bin Quasem Arman have become the victims of enforced disappearance. I am urging the government to let them back to their families as well.

He further said prices of the essential commodities are beyond people’s reach now. The government has increased the price by forming different syndicates. So, people are struggling to manage their food. I am calling upon the government to bring the prices of essentials within the common’s reach.

Maulana ATM Masum said the organizational works to be mobilized in order to turn the organization into a pro-people organization.

Hamidur Rahman Azad said public opinion changes frequently. So we should make a continuous effort to bring their views in favor of Islam.