27 February 2023, Mon

District and city Ameer’s conference held

Expresses condolence to the earthquake victims of Syria and Turkey; Condemns Israel’s barbaric attacks in Palestine

A conference of the District and city Ameer was held on 26th February with Jamaat-e-Islami’s Acting Ameer and former MP Professor Mujibur Rahman in the chair. The conference discussed the ongoing situation in the country. The gathering also expressed deep condolence over the massive earthquake which was held recently in Turkey and Syria. It also condemned the recent Israeli barbarous attack in Palestine.

The meeting also adopted the following proposals:
Around 50 thousand people have been killed and hundreds of thousands of people became injured in the recently held massive earthquake in Turkey and Syria. This conference undertook a condolence proposal expressing deep shock over this earthquake and the casualties. It also offered a prayer for accepting all the deceased as martyrs. The conference extended sympathy to the victims families and sought Almighty Allah’s blessings for quick recovery of the injured.

The conference also appreciated the Erdogan led government for their sincere effort in tackling this disaster. The conference expected that the government and the people of Turkey will be able to overcome this crisis shortly.

The conference passed a proposal condemning the recent barbarous attack of the Israeli forces that left at least 10 Palestinians killed and 97 more injured. It also extended sympathy to the victim families. The conference urged the United Nations and OIC to play active role for establishing an independent and sovereign Palestine state.