25 November 2022, Fri

Dhaka North city Jamaat’s Ameer re-elected; takes oath

An authoritarian regime has been imposed on the nation, says Dr. Shafiqur Rahman

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Ameer Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has said, we are nurturing a feeling to establish Deen Islam, to protect independence and sovereignty, and also to secure civil rights. All these are blessings from Almighty Allah. Earlier, many people had to migrate or accept martyrdom or to accept crippleness for upholding such feelings. As a part of the same history, the activists of the Islamic movement should go ahead based on broad base unity.

He said this while addressing an oath-taking ceremony of the newly elected Ameer of Dhaka city north Jamaat in an auditorium of the capital. Earlier this morning, the Majlish-e-Shura conference of Dhaka city north Jamaat-e-Islami was held. Regional coordinator and Jamaat’s acting Secretary General Maulana ATM Masum presided over the program.

Whereas, Jamaat Ameer Dr. Shafiqur Rahman conducted the oath of the north city Ameer. Among others, Jamaat’s central executive committee member and Dhaka city south Ameer Nurul Islam Bulbul, central working committee member and Dhaka north city Nayeb-e-Ameer Abdur Rahman Musa, and central working committee member and Dhaka north city’s Secretary Dr. Muhammad Rezaul Karim were present on the occasion. It should be noted that, with the secret votes of the members, for the 2023-24 session, Muhammad Salim Uddin was re-elected as the Ameer of Dhaka north city Jamaat-e-Islami.

Dr. Shafiqur Rahman said the Islamic movement is enriched by the history of torture and repression. As a part of the same repression, former Jamaat Ameer and language movement hero, Professor Ghulam Azam had to die in jail prison. Jamaat’s former Ameer and former minister Maulana Matiur Rahman Nizami, former Secretary General and former minister Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid, former Assistant Secretary General Muhammad Kamaruzzaman and Abdul Quader Molla and former central executive committee member Mir Quasem Ali were executed based on the perverse judgments. Renowned religious scholar Maulana AKM Yousuf and Maulana Abdus Subhan had to die in prison without receiving any treatment. Many other activists also sacrificed their lives. He urged all to work unitedly for protecting and preserving the remaining responsibilities of the martyrs.

Jamaat Ameer wished success of the newly elected Ameer saying that nobody takes leadership in this movement out of his desire. If that happens, he faces punishment from Allah. May Allah bless the north city Ameer so that he can work with honesty and sincerity. He should be respectful to the voters and the voters should respect him as well.
Dr. Shafiqur Rahman stated that an authoritarian regime has been imposed on the nation. People want to get rid of this misrule. By the will of Allah, this misrule will come to an end. To ensure that, we have to make a mass movement. No arbitrary movement, rather this government will be dethroned through a peaceful, democratic and systematic movement.

Maulana ATM Masum said Allah has sent the Prophets with specific missions. The companions had discharged those responsibilities. This is huge Amanah. We have to be accountable to Allah for this responsibility. The leaders should be more aware of maintaining the unfinished responsibilities of the martyrs.

Nurul Islam Bulbul said, the 2023-24 session will be more challenging than the previous one. We should play a proactive role to overcome those challenges, Insha Allah.

Mohammad Selim Uddin said I do not consider myself qualified for this responsibility by any means. However, I will try my level best to keep your trust. Please pray for me and cooperate with me, guide me sincerely. Awami League government has taken the nation towards destruction in the last 12 years. To get rid of the situation we have to strengthen our grassroots organization.