11 November 2022, Fri

Leadership conference held in Jamalpur district

The government is making ill-attempts to turn the country into a failed state- Matiur Rahman Akanda

A leadership conference was held in a local auditorium in Jamalpur on Friday. Jamaat-e-Islami Jamalpur district organized the conference.

District Ameer Advocate Muhammad Nazmul Haq Sayedee presided over the meeting. Jamaat-e-Islami’s central executive committee member and central publicity affairs secretary Advocate Matiur Rahman Akanda addressed the conference as the chief guest. Jamaat’s central organizing secretary and Mymensingh region’s coordinator Dr. Samiul Haq Faruquee attended the program as the special guest.

Matiur Rahman Akanda said, for the last 14 years Jamaat-e-Islami had been experiencing excessive torture, and repression, and its top leaders had been executed to death. All these misdeeds had been done just to destroy the leadership of this organization.

The government has severely failed to run the country. According to the information published in various media, the authority and its affiliated people embezzled 8 lac crore taka and they are trying to turn the country into a failed state. Under the circumstances, the resignation of the government and the restoration of democracy by launching a caretaker government is the only solution. The nation is united to press this demand. Mr. Akanda urged Jamaat leaders and workers to lead the movement with patience and courage to attain this demand.

Dr. Faruqee said the workers and leaders of the Islamic movement cannot be fearful of anyone except Almighty Allah. He called upon the presence to remain prepared for any sacrifice for the sake of the nation.