27 August 2022, Sat

Sacrifice and dedication are mandatory for the leaders of the Islamic movement, says Matiur Rahman Akanda

For every major change, the sacrifice of the leaders and activists is inevitable. Islamic movement can never be possible without such dedication. Who leads this movement, they have to set the example of the highest sacrifice and it is natural. Our Prophet (pbuH) and his companions also made sacrifices repeatedly. Even the other revolution in the world including the Soviet revolution of 1917 and Iran’s Islamic revolution in 1979 had gained success based on huge sacrifices.

Jamaat’s central executive committee member and central publicity Affairs Secretary Advocate Matiur Rahman Akanda said this while addressing a training session of Mymensingh district’s working committee members which was held on the 26th and 27th of August. Jamaat’s central organizing secretary and Mymensingh region’s coordinator Dr. Samiul Haq Faruqee presided over the program.

Advocate Akanda also said the Islamic revolution can never be possible without the sacrifice of life and property. If we cannot give up our love for the dearest issues, the Islamic revolution will never be succeeded. We have to prioritize Islamic movement over all other issues. We have to make a proactive role based on the Islamic spirit. We have to establish Deen in this land by setting up the highest example of sacrifice. We will never be silent until we see Islamic ideology as victorious.

Among others, Mymensingh city Jamaat Ameer Maulana Kamrul Ahsan Emrul, Mymensingh district Ameer Abdul Karim, Jamalpur district Ameer Advocate Nazmul Haq Sayedee, Netrokona district Ameer Professor Enamul Haq, Kishorganj district Ameer Professor Ramzan Ali and Sherpur district Ameer Maulana Hafizur Rahman addressed the program.