4 August 2022, Thu

Cox’s Bazar district Jamaat’s working Committee member’s conference held

People’s sufferings know no bounds due to corruption and misrule- Muhammad Shahjahan

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Assistant Secretary General and Chittagong city Jamaat Ameer Muhammad Shahjahan has said, people have become highly disturbed and their sufferings know no bounds due to misrule and excessive corruption of the government. The authority is trying to conceal its failure and misrule by detaining the opposition leaders and activists and the fellow countrymen will resist government’s such ill-attempt. Abnormal price hike of the essentials along with the unbearable load shedding has intensified mass sufferings. Under the circumstance, there is no alternative but holding a credible election under a non-party neutral government. He urged the concerned authorities to hand over power to the non-party neutral government to free the countrymen from the misrule.

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami is a systematic political party. Our main target is to turn Bangladesh into a happy and prosperous country through the process of serving people. Assistant Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and Chittagong city Ameer Muhammad Shahjahan said this while addressing a conference of Cox’s Bazar district’s working committee members on 3rd August.

Cox’s Bazar district Ameer Maulana Nur Ahmad Anwari presided over the program which was hosted by district Secretary Advocate Farid Uddin Faruqee. Among others, district’s Nayeb-e-Ameer Maulana Muhammad Habibullah, Assistant Secretary Professor Abu Taher Chowdhury, Organizing Secretary Shamsul Alam Bahadur and Jahidul Islam addressed the program.