26 July 2022, Tue

There is no alternative but to preaching of Islam to tackle the challenges of the 21st century, says Matiur Rahman Akanda

Central Executive committee member of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and party’s central publicity affairs secretary Advocate Matiur Rahman Akanda said, there is no alternative but to expand the Islamic preaching for tackling the challenges of the 21st century and also to awaken the Muslim nation. Islam is a great ideology. It has all the solutions to humanitarian crises. The Muslim can recover the lost glory by making sound research, perseverance, and proper exercise.

He said this while addressing a 3-day long workshop with the Thana level working committee members as the chief guest today. Dhaka North organizational district organized the program. Presided by Dhaka North organizational district Ameer Afzal Hossain the program was hosted by district Secretary Maulana Shahadat Hossain. Among others, central working committee member and Dhaka north region’s acting coordinator Dr. Samiul Haq Faruqee and regional team member Maulana Delawar Hossain addressed the program.

Matiur Rahman Akanda further said the sermon of Islam should be circulated to the people with due quality, skills, and efficiency. Dawah will be morally sound and the language would be mentally convincible. A preacher should avoid controversies. His character should be enriched with softness, modesty, and a forgiving attitude. Islam is the only solution to the crisis of this volatile world. Islamic preachers should make themselves qualified and skilled to uphold the true beauties of Islamic ideology.

He also said, due to geographical reasons, Bangladesh has become the victim of imperial aggression and still these ill-efforts are continuing. So-called human rights movements and NGOs are trying severely to root out Islam and Muslims from this country in the name of establishing equal rights. But they do not know the roots of Islam is very ingrained in this country and the people will not tolerate any anti-Islam initiatives ultimately. He urged everybody to convey the message of Islam to everybody with a generous and moderate strategy.

Dr. Samiul Haq Faruqee said the Islamic movement’s activist’s practical life should be clear and transparent. They will exercise good manners, trustworthiness ad brotherhood. They should prioritize others and expect the well-being of their fellows. By practicing these noble virtues, we will be able to secure victoDistrict-levelevel leaders also addressed the workshop.