22 May 2022, Sun

Faithful servants do not fear anybody except Allah- Maulana ATM Masum

A two-day-long workshop for the advanced activists has been organized under the supervision of Chittagong city Jamaat-e-Islami. City Jamaat’s Assistant Secretary Muhammad Ullah presided over the program. Jamaat’s Acting Secretary General Maulana ATM Masum addressed the program as the chief guest. Whereas, party’s central executive committee member and Chittagong region’s coordinator Vice-Principal Abdur Rab, and Jamaat’s Assistant Secretary General and Chittagong city Jamaat Ameer Muhammad Shahjahan attended the workshop as the special guests. City Jamaat’s Assistant Secretary Principal Maulana Khairul Bashar and MA Alam also spoke on the occasion.

Maulana ATM Masum said the prophets had worked really hard for the Deen. They faced tests and tribulations. We have to face similar tribulations while discharging the duty of the Islamic movement as well. As such, we have to be prepared for hanging to death or imprisonment, or any other repression. But the faithful servants cannot fear anybody except Allah.Dangers and crises come from the decision of Allah and this is why we have to be proactive always by holding patience. In recent times, a heinous plot has been started against religious scholars. Actually, this is a conspiracy against Islam. Maulana Masum urged the government to stop these misdeeds and unethical activities.

Abdur Rab aid, Dawah is the only mission for a believer. A believer cannot refrain from this activity. So, we have to convey the message of Islam to every corner of society. There is no alternative but Dawah activities in a bid to strengthen the grassroots organization.

Muhammad Shahjahan said, as an activist of an ideological movement, we have to uphold various virtues. We should say our 5-time prayers in congregations in the mosque. We have to be persistent at our work and simultaneously, we have to maintain good manners with the people. For personal improvement, training is necessary and skill and quality can be attained through personal training. We have to study a lot as well. He urged the Jamaat activists to work hard for establishing Islam as a victorious doctrine and also to make this country an Islamic welfare state.