12 May 2022, Thu

Jamaat leaders should play a proactive role to bring significant changes in the society, says Jamaat Ameer

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Ameer Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has said, training is very important for personal success and development. We will be able to fulfill our shortages and simultaneously increase our skill and quality. Almighty Allah bestows the blessing of leadership upon skilled and qualified people. We want to bring positive changes to Bangladesh. But to do so, we have to change ourselves first. We have to be prepared mentally to ensure such personal development. He urges the party leaders to play a pivotal role in order to alter the disturbing trends of society.

He said this while addressing a leadership workshop, organized by Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Dhaka city South on Wednesday. Central Executive committee member of Jamaat-e-Islami and party’s Dhaka south city Ameer Nurul Islam Bulbul presided over the program. City Secretary and central working committee member Dr. Shafiqul Islam Masud hosted the event. Among others, central working committee member and Dhaka south city Jamaat’s Nayeb-e-Ameer Monjurul Islam Bhuiyan, central Majlish-e-Shura member and Dhaka south city Jamaat’s Nayeb-e-Ameer Abdus Sabur Fakir, central Majlish-e-Shura member and Dhaka city South Assistant Secretary Advocate Dr. Helal Uddin and Delwar Hossain, Dhaka south city Jamaat’s Assistant Secretary Kamal Hossain and Dr. Abdul Mannab and other city leaders were present on the occasions.

Jamaat Ameer said he is successful who can rectify his mistakes. We are on the track of rectification and correction and always will be. To reach our ultimate destiny, we have to continue such efforts. We need personal improvement and changes. In that case, firstly we have to identify, whether we have adequate knowledge to facilitate that change or not. Secondly, we need to find out proper strategies to ensure desired changes. And thirdly we need to engage our capacities to implement the strategies and planning. The coordination of these three issues can ensure proper change. But if we have a deficiency, then we will never be able to bring quality changes.

Jamaat Ameer urges Dhaka city South leaders to become role models in this regard. He urged them to spread the message of Islam at every corner. The people should be served on all occasions, saying these he called upon the leaders to play an effective role in fulfilling people’s expectations. May Allah help us so that we play a due role to ensure the welfare of the people.

Nurul Islam Bulbul said, along with the deep knowledge, we have to build ourselves with the spirit of sacrifice and dedication. The government has kept the Jamaat leaders and activists unjustifiably. He demanded their immediate release. Nurul Islam Bulbul said, Jamaat had been by the side of the people to ensure their betterment and also to safeguard the nation’s independence and sovereignty. He called upon the participants to deliver an effective role in order to establish a welfare state.