18 March 2022, Fri

Only efficient leadership can lead to success: Matiur Rahman Akanda

No significant change can be achieved with desire only. Effective leadership cannot be ensured without quality, skills, and representations. Quality and skills are the two inevitable qualities of leadership. The main target of Iqamat-e-Deen is to build a just society. As such, it is the fundamental duty of every Muslim to work for attaining that target.

Jamaat’s central executive committee member and party’s central publicity Affairs Secretary Advocate Matiur Rahman Akanda said this while addressing the leadership development course program. Narshingdi district Jamaat organized the program. District Ameer Maulana Mosleh Uddin presided over the program while district Secretary Maulana Amzad Hossain hosted the session. Jamaat’s central Majlish-e-Shura member Abdul Jabbar attended the program as the special guest.

Matiur Rahman Akanda said the Prophet (peace be upon Him) was able to build a group of skilled and qualified people and subsequently the world had experienced a golden era. With His company, the companions turned into noble resources. Their thoughts ad lifestyles influenced the contemporary world. We even can bring Islami movement’s leadership into the forefront by achieving the same qualities. The leaders have to maintain the interest of proving services, rather than receiving services.

Recalling the history of the Islamic movement, Matiur Rahman Akanda said, the spirit of martyrdom bolsters Islam and the Islamic movement. Like the truth of the future, the Islamic revolution is another truth. You have to play a pivotal role to convey the revolutionary message of Islam to the people.

Abdul Jabbar said, personal and social purification is important for Islam. Taqwa can never be achieved without leading a pure life. He urged everybody to exercise and learn purity at all aspects.