8 July 2023, Sat

Fair election is not possible under the current regime, says Acting Secretary General

The incumbent government has put the countrymen into severe crisis. The people are not safe under this regime. Overall situation of the country is very volatile. Price of necessary commodities is beyond people’s capacity. If the government has trust and confidence upon the people, they would arrange for holding the next election under a caretaker regime. The countrymen reasonably believe that no fair election was held under the current regime. It is not possible under their authority.

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Acting Secretary General Maulana ATM Masum said this while addressing workers’ conference organized by Lalmonirhat district Jamaat-e-Islami on Friday. District Ameer Lecturer Ataur Rahman presided over the program which was hosted by district secretary Advocate Abu Taher.

Maulana Masum said, this government is an authoritarian government. They are holding office forcibly. They are mulling to come back to the office once again through a voterless election. The government should be made compelled to accept the demand of the caretaker government system. Massive movement should be launched accordingly.

He further said, Islam is the greatest blessing for us. We have to practice Islam wholeheartedly and completely. The demand of the faith is to make sincere effort for establishing Islam. Without such effort, no one can claim him/herself as the Ummah of the Prophet (pbuH). So, people have to be invited toward the Quran. The people should be made happier by establishing a just society. We have to eradicate hunger, starvation, poverty and unemployment from the society.

Addressing the program as the special guest, Jamaat’s Assistant Secretary General Maulana Abdul Halim said, the people do not believe this deceitful government as they bluffed the people centering the election for multiple times. The time has come for all the political parties to become united and also to throw all-out movement against this government.

We will not participate in the election without a caretaker government. The movement should be made stronger for meeting this demand.

Among others, Jamaat’s central working committee member and Rangpur-Dinajpur region’s assistant coordinator Principal Maulana Momtaz Uddin, central Majlish-e-Shura member Professor Azizur Rahman Sarkar, former district Ameer of Lalmonirhat Advocate Abdul Baten, district’s Assistant secretary Hafez Shah Alam. Former Upazila vice chairman Advocate Firoz Haider Lavlu, Jamaat leader Anwarul Islam Raju, UP chairman Alaul Islam Fatemi Pavel and Lalmonirhat district Chhatrashibir president Shahajul Islam addressed the program.