21 December 2021, Tue

Urges to stop harassment of the expatriates

Severe mismanagements in airport; dishonest quarters increased ticket fare excessively; Jamaat Ameer condemns

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Ameer Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 21st December, 2021 urging to stop harassment of the expatriates in airport and also to withdraw the extra ticket fare.

“Severe mismanagement and chaotic situation is prevailing in the airport now. Extreme deficiencies and crises are being experienced due to the collapse of flight schedules, luggage corner, parking hassle, excessive disturbance of mosquitoes and the brokers and etc. Even after arriving in the airport on due time, the passengers are missing their flights for these mismanagements. Being victimized with these harassments, they are expressing their resentments through different means. 

In one hand, our expatriates are being harassed in the airport, while on the other, they are giving excessive fare as some vested quarters have increased the ticket price abnormally. Earlier, from Dhaka to Riyadh flight cost was only 36 thousand taka, which is 95 thousand taka now. Dhaka to Bahrain flight cost was 35 thousand taka which is now 70 thousand taka. Dhaka-Oman flight costing was 30 thousand taka which is more than 70 thousand taka now. Dhaka to Doha flight costing previously was 30 thousand taka which is 90 thousand taka now. In collaboration with some dishonest officials, Biman has increased their fare through a syndicate mechanism. Government’s passive and silent role in this regard has put the entire administration into a questionable position. National image is being ruined in the global arena as well.

Our expatriates are the remittance warrior. Around 10 million people are staying away from their families and living in different countries. They have played an important role to facilitate the development and prosperity of Bangladesh. It is really unfortunate and painful when these remittance warriors are facing harassment in our airport. It is shameful for us indeed.

I am urging the concerned authorities to take effective measures to stop harassment of the expatriates in the airport and also to reduce the excessive ticket fare immediately.