14 October 2021, Thu

Nation is crossing tensed situation centering the derogation of the holy Quran

4 killed in Chandpur; Jamaat Ameer blames government for irrational roles

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Ameer Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 14 October 2021 protesting and condemning the tragic incident as 4 people were shot dead while holding a procession protesting against the recent incident of humiliation of the holy Quran.

On 13 October, a severe derogation of the holy Quran took place in a Puja altar of the Hindu community in NanuaDighir Par of the Comilla town. It has been committed to hurt the religious sentiment of the Muslims people. The incident sparked tension and chaos instantly and the government failed to tackle the situation. The authority could find out the offenders by using CCTV footage. But instead of doing so, the law enforcers shot fire, charged baton and hurled tear shell against the peaceful protesters. At least 50 people got injured in the police attack. Moreover, in place of arresting the genuine offenders, police arrested 43 innocent people.

Another procession was arranged in Haziganj of Chandpur and police also shot fire against the procession that killed 4 people on the spot. Many are also critically injured and they are undergoing treatment in the hospital. The nation wants to know, why these people had been murdered? Whose interest is being served by the government? Is there no more alternative to apply? These innocent people had been killed just because of the one-sided, irrational and irresponsible role of the government.

We are expressing deep shock for all the deceased and extending sympathy to their mournful families. May Allah accept all the deceased as martyrs. Besides, I am calling upon the government to pay due compensation to the victim families and also for taking effective measures to ensure proper treatment of the injured.

At this crucial moment, the government has to take effective steps to resolve crisis immediately. The law enforcers have to avert mentality to shot general masses without reason. If any complex situation is created due to law enforcers irrational attitudes, the government has to take its responsibility.

I am urging the concerned authorities to arrest those people who were responsible with the derogatory incident of holy Quran in Comilla and murder of 4 people in Chandpur. In addition, I am urging all the concerned sectors and religious people to maintain peaceful and calm situation across the country.