29 April 2021, Thu

Jamaat Ameer urges to observe ‘International Workers’ Day with due fervor

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Ameer Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 29 April 2021 urging to observe ‘International Workers’ Day’ on 1st May.

Upcoming 1st May is International Workers’ Day. On 1st May of 1886, the labor community of Chicago in America had set unique example of sacrifice. Following the incident, the labor societies from around the people become inspired and since then they have been struggling to secure their own rights. The movement of the labor community have not attained success yet. Even during the critical pandemic time, the labors are taking to the street seeking their dues and they are being deprived frequently from their rights as well. On last 17 April, 2021, the labors of a coal-based power plant launched a movement in Bashkhali of Chittagong to press their demand of paying all dues and salaries. The law enforcers opened fire against them which left 6 people killed on the spot.

It is evident and crystal clear that no human made doctrine is able to solve the public crisis. The holy Prophet (peace be upon Him) urged His followers to pay the worker his dues before his sweat has dried up. The benefit and welfare of both the labor and the owner community lies in the proper implementation of the directives of the holy Prophet (peace be upon Him).

The labor communities, now days are deprived from their due rights in many ways. The clash and feud between the workers and the owners in the production sector, particularly in mills and factories become extreme. Although, the labors are taking to the street to secure their rights frequently, still it is far away. We firmly believe that, the welfare of the labors and the owners will be ensured through materializing Islamic labor policy at all levels.

Under the current alarming circumstances of corona virus pandemic, we are urging the labor community and people of all classes to observe International Workers’ Day on 1st May complying all directives of the healthcare department.