14 April 2021, Wed

Jamaat Ameer urges authority to allow prayer in mosques under health rules and regulations

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Ameer Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 14 April 2021 urging the authorities to allow prayers according to its capacity maintaining all health regulations during this lockdown.

In the wake of the severe outbreak of coronavirus, the government declared nationwide lockdown from 14th to 21st April. But even within this lockdown, the garments and all other mills and factories are allowed to keep open and thousands of workers are working in these establishments complying all health rules and regulations. But simultaneously, the government imposed strict restrictions on performing prayers inside the mosque. In all mosques, bigger or small, only 20 Muslim devotees are allowed to pray which is not logical and subsequently caused huge resentment among the people.

Prayer is one of the major means to establish relations between Allah and His servants. By offering prayers 5 times in a day, the Muslim devotes create a spiritual link with Almighty Allah. The government must think that whether the decision of depriving the Muslim devotees form that chances reasonable or not. Islam loving people firmly believe, for the materialistic development and economic stability if the government can keep the mills and factories open then the Muslim devotees should be allowed as well to offer prayer inside the mosques maintaining all health disciplines. We are of the view that keeping social distance, all mosques should allow Muslim devotees as per its capacities.

Holy month of Ramadan is month to attain Taqwa and purity. Muslims all over the world, perform more rituals in this month to secure more rewards. As such, we are calling upon the concerned authorities to facilitate space so that our mosques can allow Muslim devotees as per its capacities by complying all health regulations.