21 November 2020, Sat

Renowned religious scholar Golam Sorwar Sayedee dies; Jamaat Ameer condoles

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Ameer, Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following message of condolence on 21 November 2020 at the death of Renowned religious scholar, noted speaker of the holy Quran, Principal of Brahmanbaria district’s Kosba Upazila’s Araibari Kamil Madrasa and the Peer of Araibari Darbar Sharif, Allama Golam Sorwar Sayedee.

Allama Golam Sorwar Sayedee, the veteran and notable religious scholar of the Indian sub-continent got infected by covid-19 and subsequently admitted in the Apollo hospital in Dhaka. He was in life-support for several days. Finally, he died this dawn at 4.15 am. Inna lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun. He was a noted Islamic scholar of this continent. He was a teacher and guide of the Islam loving people. I am deeply shocked and saddened at his death. His logical and sensible speech attracted the people immensely. As a Dayee (who invites people towards Islam), he was a man with excellence. He was the teacher of many scholars. People of the country will remember him always for his great knowledge of Islam. The nation lost a guardian at his demise. It will not be fulfilled easily.

I am praying to Allah with full submission and sincerity for this noble man. May Allah forgive him and accept him as a martyr. I am extending my sympathy to his mournful family members and relatives, well wishers and students. May Allah help them to hold patience.