12 May 2020, Tue

Islami Oikkojot chairman Maulana Abdul Latif Nezami dies; Jamaat Ameer condoles

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Ameer Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following message of condolence on 12 May 2020 at the death of Islami Oikkojot’s Chairman Maulana Abdul Latif Nezami. 

I am expressing my deep shock and condolence at the death of Islami Oikkojot’s Chairman, President of the Nezam-e-Islam Party, veteran politician and noted religious scholar Maulana Abdul Latif Nezami. 

He has played significant role from his position to establish Islamic ideology in Bangladesh. Being the chairman of the Islami Oikkojot, a partner of 20 party alliances, he also performed a pivotal role in the movement for restoring democracy and people’s voting rights. Maulana Nezami had his skill in the field of journalism and literature as well. He was the editor and publisher of the daily named ‘Dainik Sarkar’. 

May Allah accept all his services and forgive his mistakes. May Allah bless him with Jannah.
I am extending deep sympathy to his mournful family. May Allah help them to hold patience during this painful period.