23 April 2020, Thu

Puts emphasis on attaining Taqwa and giving up wrongdoings

Jamaat Ameer urges to preserve and protect the sanctity of holy Ramadan

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Ameer Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on April 23, 2020 urging to preserve and protect the sanctity of Ramadan and simultaneously recommending to modify the individuals, society and state based on Taqwa.

“Amid the coronavirus pandemic worldwide, the holy month of Ramadan is appearing before us. The Noble Prophet (peace be upon him) has said: “Ramadan is the month, whose beginning is mercy, its middle forgiveness and its end, emancipation from the fire.”

In the last 10 days of this month, there will be the blessed night of Lailatul Qadr, which is better than thousand months.

The Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) also said: “Whoever draws near to Allah during it (Ramadan) with a single characteristic from the characteristics of (voluntary) goodness, he is like whoever performs an obligatory act in other times. And whoever performs an obligatory act during it, he is like whoever performed seventy obligatory acts in other times.” (Sahih Ibn Khuzaymah, no. 1887) This month is the month of attaining Taqwa, sympathy and empathy.

Because of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, the general masses became completely helpless. In particular, the low-income people have turned into penniless community as they have no option to income. In this circumstance, I am urging everybody to take stand by the side of these helpless and poor people.

Ramadan is that significant month, in which the holy Quran was revealed. The holy Quran is the greatest blessing from Almighty Allah for the humanity. We can demonstrate our highest respect and sincerity in this month, by taking the decision of knowing the message of Quran and modifying our personal, social and national lives accordingly.

Almighty Allah has ordained fasting in this month of Ramadan compulsory in order to cultivate our mind and character so that we can attain true guidance from the Quran. I am urging everybody to perform fasting in this month with due sincerity, integrity and noble mind.

The danger of coronavirus pandemic has been imposed upon us due to our negligence and reluctance to obey the rules of Allah, the exalted. Almighty Allah says in the Quran,

“And whatever of misfortune befalls you, it is because of what your hands have earned. And He pardons much” [al-Shoora 42:30]

The entire society is suffering now from vulgarism, nudity, indecency, bribery, perversion, corruption, exploitation, tortures against women and children, murder, crimes against humanity and most of all, from moral degradation. As a result of these misdeeds, humanity is receiving punishment from its creator, Allah, the exalted. If we can obey, follow and implement the rules of Almighty Allah at all spheres of lives, then the vices and crimes will be removed from society and subsequently people will be spared from tests and trials.

I am calling upon my fellow countrymen to offer special prayer on Friday, a day before the holy month of Ramadan begins, seeking Almighty Allah’s blessings and protection from the infection and transmission of contagious coronavirus.

It is the primary obligations of the government to preserve the sanctity of Ramadan as well as to curb the hike of essential’s price and to control indecency and nudity. We are asking them to take due steps to stop such malpractices.

Besides, I am urging the concerned authorities to bring the price of essentials within the capacity of the commons, to improve law and order situation and also to protect public life and properties.”