29 March 2020, Sun

Puts stress on creating an emergency fund and national consensus

Jamaat Ameer urges government to ensure financial security of the marginal people

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Ameer Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 29 March 2020 urging to take due steps for the financial security of the people of marginal income who have been severely affected by the infection of the coronavirus and also of those people, who are laborers and mostly dependent on the rural economy.

“The coronavirus pandemic did not cause risks to the millions of lives only, rather it has created a severe negative impact in the world economy. Almost everything of the country already became closed due to this outbreak. Trade, business and communications also came into a halt. The people, who are living from hand to mouth, have turned into the most vulnerable communities. The people of the city are heading towards the village. Resultantly, it would cause a major impact on the rural economy.

Agriculture is the key sector of Bangladeshi economy. More than 25 million people are directly and indirectly involved with this sector. If this sector does not get due patronization from the government, it may face severe disastrous situation. Already, the relevant sectors including dairy, poultry and fisheries industries are at stake. Many people, who were involved with agriculture and SME, became unemployed. Mass lives became standstill as most of the shops, transportations and factories are closed now. These entire sluggish activities are ruining the national economy. According to the statistics of a research institute, Bangladeshi economy is losing one thousand and 6 hundred crore taka every day. Due to locked down situation, the country is suffering from food security. As the capital became disconnected from rest of the parts of the country, the farmers cannot sell their products. As a result, they are becoming deprived from due prices and consequently the entire agricultural sector is in the verge of terrible losses.

The economists and experts are also warning of global recession. They are also seeing a major collapse in the commerce and tourism sectors. This will also have some negative impact on economy. Government’s stimulus and supports are required in the agriculture, daily, poultry and fisheries industry in order to maintain the minimum economic movement of the country.

Government may form an emergency fund to assist the day laborers. Government is not enough to tackle this abnormal situation. So, they should undertake a combined and comprehensive efforts through a process of national consensus irrespective of political differences.

Finally, we are calling upon the concerned authorities to take effective measures for tackling all the probable crisis of rural economy and the impact of upcoming recession.