11 March 2020, Wed

Fire destroys 200 shanties at Rupnagar and 50 in Jatrabari slums; Jamaat Ameer expresses concern

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Ameer Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 11 March 2020 expressing deep concern as around 200 shanties were damaged as a blaze swept through a slum in Dhaka's Rupnagar area and similarly another 50 houses were burnt in Gobindapur of Jatrabari of the capital this morning.

The most poor and impoverished people are living in slums. They are deprived from all basic living privileges. But in recent times, many slums and shanties are being burnt due to blaze and other accidents. Immediate after such an accident, many talks and discussion are being heard but finally it becomes fruitless. Several probe committees have been formed earlier as the aftermath of such blaze. But so far, none of the probe reports has been published yet.

We think the blaze incidents of Rupnagar and Jatrabari should be probed and its real reasons must be identified. Cautionary steps to be taken to avoid such tragic accidents in future. Finally, I am urging the concerned authorities to compensate and rehabilitate the blaze victims properly.