24 March 2018, Sat

Acting Ameer calls to observe ‘Glorious Independence and National Day’ on 26th March with due fervour

Acting Ameer of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and former lawmaker Maulana ANM Shamsul Islam has issued the following statement on 24th March, 2018 urging to observe ‘Glorious Independence and National Day’ on 26th March.

“Glorious Independence and National Day’ is going to be observed on next 26th March. This day has tremendous significance and importance in our national lives. We have achieved our independence in exchange of the sacrifice of valiant freedom fighters and millions of peoples.

The courageous sons of this soil had formed all out resistance in order to establish a country free from starvation, poverty and unemployment. Bangladesh is the outcome of such resistance. The people of this country had dreamt to achieve the basic rights including the rights of democracy, right of getting food, voting rights and the rights to survive. They also expected that this independence would secure public life and property. But unfortunately, those expectations of the peoples are not fulfilled yet. The government has confiscated people’s voting rights. Unprecedented corruptions, terrorism, looting, murder, rape, abduction, enforced disappearances and anarchies are going on nationwide.

For the sake of national development and welfare, there is no alternative but establishing national unity, democracy and rule of law. But demolishing the national solidarity, the government is pushing the nation towards division and sent democracy into exile already.

State sponsored terrorism, murder, abduction; enforced disappearance and repeated violation of human rights have turned Bangladesh into an arena of bloodshed and anarchy.

The government has put the nation into a black hole of uncertainty by patronizing corruption, misrule, nepotism and also by seizing freedom of speeches and judiciary away. Islam, Islamic values and national spirit has come under massive attack. Even the veteran religious figures are not spared from the oppression and torture of the government. To get rid of this situation, massive resistance is a must. The dream of the glorious independence will be implemented through massive agitation and movement.

I am urging all wings of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and seeking the assistance of the countrymen to observe ‘Glorious Independence and National Day’ on 26th March with due significance and fervour with a vow to establish national unity, democracy, voting rights and rule of law in the country.”