2 December 2017, Sat

Acting Ameer calls for extensive study and discussion on the life of Prophet Mohammad (pbuH) throughout the year

Acting Ameer of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and former member of the Parliament Professor Mujibur Rahman has issued the following statement on 2nd December, 2017 urging the countrymen to continue extensive study and massive discussion about the life and characters of the holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him) throughout the year.

“Almighty Allah has sent the holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (Peace be upon Him) as a blessing for the world to facilitate peace, welfare and salvation of the humanity. He is the Rahmatuillil Alamin (best of the best blessings). The way he demonstrated Islam throughout his life, is the only option for us to establish peace and tranquillity in this volatile world. His prescribed and demonstrated ideology can guide the humanity towards ultimate freedom, salvation and prosperity.

Almighty Allah also bestowed the holy Quran upon His last messenger, Hazrat Mohammad (peace be upon Him). Holy Quran is His sacred ideology. Entire life of the holy Prophet (peace be upon Him) is the practical demonstration of the holy Quran. Our Prophet (peace be upon Him) is the supreme teacher and guide for the humanity.

The freedom and salvation of mankind actually lies in the Prophet’s life if we can follow those ideologies in all perspectives of life including our personal, family, social, political and economic spheres. Moreover; we will never be able to attain the satisfaction of Almighty Allah if we try to follow Him partially. And very naturally, no one can enter into the Jannah (paradise) without achieving Almighty Allah’s satisfaction.

To follow the life and ideologies of the holy Prophet (peace be upon Him), we need to go through his life and character very extensively. It is also the prime responsibilities of the Muslims, to present His ideologies rationally and skilfully by using rational and logical languages. The discussion and study on the life and philosophies of the holy Prophet should not be kept confined within a single month or centring any specific day, it should be carried out throughout the year.

In this backdrop, I am urging my fellow citizens to conduct deep study into the life, ideologies, principles, and characters of the holy Prophet (peace be upon Him). I am also calling upon the countrymen to attain the satisfaction of Almighty Allah by following and imitating the ideologies and principles of the holy Prophet (phuH).”