24 November 2017, Fri

Jamaat-e-Islami declares nationwide peaceful demonstration on Sunday protesting government’s power tariff hike decision

Acting Ameer of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and former lawmaker Professor Mujibur Rahman has issued the following statement on 24th November, 2017 protesting the government’s decision of hiking electricity price by 35 paisa per unit from upcoming 1st December and also urging the authorities concerned to repeal the decision immediately.

“The decision of increasing electricity price is unjustifiable and illogical. This decision would be another blow upon the middle class community and impoverished sections of the society.
Defying the mass opinion and consumer’s view, the government has announced to increase the power tariff by 35 paisa per unit or around 5.03 percent as a whole from 1st December next. The decision is completely illogical. During the tenure of the incumbent government, price of electricity has been increased for 8 occasions. Whereas the price of oil is getting decreased in the world market, there is no logical ground of hiking power price. The government has taken this unjust decision just to exploit country’s poverty-stricken peoples. The modified price of electricity would add 1700 crore taka in the state treasury.

The middle class communities and the poor people are already have been suffering due to price hike of the essential commodities. Amidst such situation, the recent decision of power price hike would be a mountainous pressure for the general masses. Due to this price hike, price of the essential items and house rent would be increased once again and simultaneously would have a negative impact on the agricultural and industrial sector. Resultantly, the production activities would be hampered severely.

The present government is not an elected government and as such they don’t bother at public’s interest, sufferings and their pains and sorrows. This government’s only goal is to stay in power forcefully adopting the strategy of torture and repression. No kinds of welfare and beneficial activities can be expected from this authoritarian government.

On behalf of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, I am declaring nationwide peaceful demonstration on 26th November, Sunday protesting against the government’s power price hike decision and also with a call to the concerned authority to repeal this unjustifiable decision immediately.

I am calling upon all the wings and front organizations of Jamaat-e-Islami and seeking the kind assistance of the fellow citizens to make the declared program successful.”