12 November 2017, Sun

Chief Justice forced to resign; Acting Ameer expresses concern

Acting Ameer of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and former lawmaker Professor Mujibur Rahman has issued the following statement on 12th November, 2017protesting the authority’s move as the Chief Justice of Bangladesh S K Sinha has been forced to resign.

“The way government has forced Chief Justice S K Sinha to resign from his office has launched a black chapter in the history of Bangladesh. This incident once again proved that the democracy, rule of law and judicial freedom have become completely subdued in the country now.

If the judicial freedom is not ensured in a country, it may result tyrannical rule. The incumbent government has seized the voting rights, destroyed the electoral system and snatched the citizen rights away. The government also imprisoned thousands of leaders and activists. To the latest, they have foiled the judicial freedom in order to take the country towards one party rule. Nobody can seat idle amidst such a crucial situation.

The present government had appointed S K Sinha as the Chief Justice. And now this government has brought specific allegations of corruptions against him in forth. So question raised among the public domain, did the government appoint this corrupted man as the chief justice in a pre-planned way just to attain its ill political interest? The countrymen are well informed that Justice SK Sinha led bench of the Appellate Division has issued death penalty against several top political figures. But after those convictions, he is now made compelled to resign as some disagreement becomes apparent between him and the government. These incidents proved that government had appointed him earlier just to achieve some political benefit. Such move of the government is similar to create interference upon the judiciary. I am vehemently condemning such role of the government.

The freedom of judiciary should be upheld for the sake of the judicial freedom. The government has created a scandalised history in country’s judiciary by making him compelled to resign. If such ill practices continue, the countrymen would be forced to resist against ill plots.”