11 September 2017, Mon

Myanmar government may start new military operations to root out Rohingya Muslims

Jamaat Ameer calls for deploying UN peace keeping troops in Rakhine state of Myanmar

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Ameer Maqbul Ahmad has issued the following statement on 11th September, 2017 expressing deep concern at the ongoing mass killings of Myanmar government against the Rohingya Muslims and also to deploy UN supervised peace troopers in Rakhine state on emergency basis in a bid to stop the ongoing brutalities against the Rohingya Muslims.

“I am deeply worried at the continuous mass killings of the Myanmar government against the Rohingya Muslims. The world communities are deeply worried and concerned about the fate of the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar.

Though the peoples across the world have raised voice against the ongoing brutal mass killings against the Rohingya Muslims, but the United Nations and the international communities have not taken any instant effective initiative so far. Ignoring and defying the calls of different nations and states, the authorities of Myanmar is continuing their mass killings to deport the Rohingya Muslims forcefully from their own land. The government of Myanmar is paying no heed to the views of the world communities.

It has been reported in different sources that the government of Myanmar is going to start another military drive soon to root out the Rohingya Muslims. In this backdrop, I am urging the United Nations to deploy peace keeping forces in Myanmar’s Rakhine state on emergency basis in order to stop the ongoing brutalities of the Myanmar government, to take the deported Rohingya peoples back to their own land and also to ensure security through restoring their citizenships.

The Rohingya peoples who have taken refuge in Bangladesh are helpless. I am also calling upon the international forums, Muslim countries, voluntary organizations and world communities to send relief and other necessary assistance for these oppressed peoples immediately.”