6 September 2017, Wed

Jamaat Ameer calls international communities to take effective steps to stop brutal crackdown against Rohingya Muslims

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Ameer Maqbul Ahmad has issued the following statement on 6th September, 2017 urging the world community to take some immediate effective measures to stop the ongoing mass killings, rape, torture, repressions and arsons of the Myanmar government against the helpless and deplorable Rohingya Muslims.

“The government of the neighbouring Myanmar is deporting the helpless Rohingya Muslims by carrying out unprecedented oppressions and tortures against them. The Myanmar security forces are conducting mass killings, rapes and set fire at their houses to compel them for leaving their own land. The entire area is facing severe humanitarian crisis. It is the moral obligation of the world community to save and protect the Rohingya Muslims from the repression of the Myanmar government.

The worst ever humanitarian crisis in the history is now happening in Myanmar. Actually, crimes against humanity are being committed repeatedly over there. Already, United Nations and various other nations and international forums have urged the government of Myanmar to stop their inhuman activities against the Rohingya Muslims. But these addresses and speeches are not enough to restrain the Myanmar authority from committing such offences. If the UN and other global bodies keep themselves confined within the job of delivering statements, it would push the numerous Rohingya Muslims towards death. To get rid of such situation, international communities have to take more effective steps.

We are thanking those nations and global forums who already have extended their hands of cooperation for the Rohingya Muslims. We are hailing the high ups of the Bangladesh government as they are showing some flexible attitudes towards the oppressed Muslims of Myanmar. We are further calling upon the Bangladesh government to ensure adequate shelter and security and also to play humanitarian role for these unfortunate peoples. Jamaat-e-Islami is absolutely ready to extend any kinds of assistance, help and cooperation in this regard.

I am also urging the United Nations and all other global platforms to undertake some effectual measures so that the government of Myanmar become compelled to stop mass killings against the Rohingya Muslims. Bangladesh government has to take the initiatives to make such situation possible.

Finally I am calling upon my fellow citizens to come forward to help and assist the Rohingya Muslims and also to raise voice against the ongoing crimes against humanities of the Myanmar government.”