17 August 2017, Thu

Jamaat Ameer urges government to send emergency reliefs and assistance to the flood affected areas

Ameer of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Maqbul Ahmad has issued the following statement on 17th August, 2017 urging the government to send sufficient relief to the flood affected peoples instead of verbal words.

“The peoples of the flood affected areas are crying for help. But they are not getting any such assistance. But the government does not bother their sufferings. It is necessary to provide shelter, food, clothing and necessary items to those flood victims.

Already 28 northern districts have been experiencing severe floods. One third area of the country has been submerged. Flood is coming aggressively towards the capital. Everyday some new areas are being submerged. Hundreds of thousands of people have become water locked. They must be rescued and provided shelter to some better place. Even there is no place to bury the dead bodies. The flood affected peoples are being infected by water prone diseases. Those areas are facing humanitarian crisis in want of food, clothes and medical treatment. Already 107 people have been killed in these floods so far.

Some 3 lac hector of agro field have been submerged. Local peoples including farmers, cattle traders and farm owners are facing the worst catastrophe.

No significant initiative from the government is seen to rescue the flood victims, cattle animals, birds and also to provide food, clothing, child foods, drinking water and medical treatment. The ministers are verbally claiming that there will be no crisis of relief in the flood affected zones. But the reality is completely reverse. Ministers and ruling party leaders are not apparently seen to take part in relief distribution activities. As the government is not elected so they have no worries about the public sufferings. But is the prime responsibility of the government to assist the flood victims.

I am urging the government to send foods, kid foods, drinking water, necessary items and medicines to the flood victims. Besides, I am calling upon the members and activists to take stand by the side of the flood affected areas.

I am praying for the deceased who have been killed in these floods and extending sympathy to their mournful families. In addition, I am calling upon the government to pay due compensation to the relatives of the deceased and also to the genuine victims.”