22 July 2017, Sat

3 killed, hundreds more including Al Aqsa Mosque Imam injured

Ameer-e-Jamaat condemns Israeli soldier’s brutal attacks on Palestinian Muslims near Al Aqsa Mosque compound

Israel has unjustifiably imposed a ban on the Palestinian Muslims of below 50 years to enter into Al Aqsa Mosque, situated in the East Jerusalem, occupied by the Israeli authority. For last couple of days, Palestinians have been holding peaceful demonstration protesting against such inhuman decision. On 21st July, Friday, Israeli security forces indiscriminately fired bullets on the agitators that killed 3 Palestinians and injured hundreds more Muslim devotees including the Imam of the Al Aqsa Mosque.

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’ Ameer Maqbul Ahmad has issued the following statement on 22nd July, 2017 protesting and condemning Israeli aggression and brutal attacks.

In the statement, Jamaat Ameer stated that Israeli occupying authorities have no rights to ban the Muslim Palestinians to make entry into the Al Aqsa Mosque. By imposing such a ban, Israeli authority has violated the UN charter severely.

Being obstructed by the Israeli forces, the Palestinian Muslims became compelled to perform their prayers outside the Al Aqsa Mosque, under the open sky. But Israeli occupying forces did not hesitate to attack the Muslims even on that open spaces. Israeli forces, in all aspects, are violating peace and security of the state.

I am urging all the peace loving nations and the international platforms including the United Nations to protest the Israeli brutalities and also to express solidarity with the just movement of the Palestinian Muslims to establish an independent and sovereign state. I am also praying to Almighty Allah to accept the martyrdom of the Palestinian Muslims. I am also extending my deep sympathy to their mournful families. I am also praying for the quick recovery of the injured victims.”