16 May 2017, Tue

Jamaat Ameer urges to offer special prayer on Friday for Allama Sayedee and other detained leaders and activists

Ameer of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Maqbul Ahmad has issued the following statement on 16th May, 2017 urging the people in home and abroad to offer special prayer on 19th May, Friday for the release of all the detained Jamaat leaders including Allama Sayedee.

“I am expressing my deep gratitude to Almighty Allah and thanking the people of the countrymen and the expatriates for making the programs successful which had been declared so far from the party demanding the release of all detained Jamaat leaders including Jamaat’s one of the top leaders and world renowned Islamic scholar Allama Delwar Hossain Sayedee.

I am praying to Almighty Allah for the acceptance of the martyrdoms of all the martyrs who have sacrificed their lives in our movement. I am also extending my deep sympathy to the victim families, to the injured, crippled and other peoples who have been victimized in any way.

I am also praying to Allah for His blessings, so that Allama Delwar Hossain Sayedee get free shortly and coming amidst the people, he could engage himself to protest against all ill activities, injustices, moral degradation and vices and also could dedicate himself to build honest citizens with the light of the holy Quran.

Allama Delwar Hossain Sayedee is the favourite leaders of the crores of people and a living legend in the field of the Quranic interpretation. The countrymen are witnessing that this great personality has become the worst victim of government’s political vengeance and ill-motivated politics. Except some vested quarters and politically corrupted people, all the general masses and senior most freedom fighters are acknowledged the innocence of Allama Sayedee. The government has kept him behind the bar unjustifiably to attain its political interest.

Allama Sayedee has no nexus with the allegations of crimes, which has been brought against him including the murder of Ibrahim Kutti and Bishabali. All the allegations are baseless, false and even the living members of the victim families are the witnesses of his innocence. The government has brought these allegations in forth as they become envious of his tremendous popularity so as the growing popularity of Jamaat-e-Islami. The lawyers of Allama Sayedee also proved it substantially that the prosecution witnesses were false, concocted and highly motivated.

Along with the countrymen, we are also shocked and aggrieved as life-term imprisonment has been declared against such a great scholar of the holy Quran, who is completely innocent. Life-term imprisonment is far away from justice; even a single minute conviction against such an innocent person is contradictory to the good conscience, human rights and the real truth.

I am calling upon the countrymen to continue their movement till the release of Allama Sayedee.

Besides, I am urging the countrymen to offer special prayer on 19th May, Friday for the long life, good health and immediate release of all the detained Jamaat leaders including Allama Delwar Hossain Sayedee.”