23 March 2017, Thu

Jamaat Ameer calls to observe Independence and National Day with due significance on 26th March

Ameer of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Maqbul Ahmad has issued the following statement on 23rd March, 2017 urging to observe glorious Independence and National Day on 26th March with due significance and fervor.

“The Independence and National Day is going to be observed on 26th March. This day has an immense significance and importance in our national lives. We have achieved our independence with the utmost sacrifice of the valiant freedom fighters. Bangladesh has appeared in the global map as a sovereign and independent nation as a consequence of the consistent resistance of the heroic sons of the soil who had initiated their struggles with a vow to establish a country free from hunger, poverty and unemployment. The dream of the freedom loving people was their democratic rights, foods, voting rights and right to live will be secured in the newly independent country. People’s life, property and dignity will be guaranteed as well. But regrettably even after long 46 years of independence, those dreams are not met yet. The government has snatched people’s voting rights away. Limitless corruptions, terrorism, looting and anarchies are going on nationwide.

To ensure national development and progress, national consensus, democracy and rule of law are earnestly required. But the government is intentionally destroying the national unity and pushing the nation towards division and already sent the democracy into exile. To get rid of this situation, unity is a must.

State sponsored terrorisms, murder, abduction, kidnapping and repeated violation of human rights have turned Bangladesh into a nation of massacre. Peoples are suffering from tension, panic and fear due to the ongoing mass arrest drive.

The government has put the nation towards uncertainty by nurturing corruptions, misrule, nepotism and simultaneously by seizing the freedom of speeches and freedom of judiciary. All out attacks and aggression is being made against Islam and Islamic belief. Even the religious scholars are not spared from the repression of the government. The nation is still struggling to get rid of this suffocating situation. By Almighty Allah’s will, the long cherished dream with independence will be fulfilled by the ongoing movement of the people.

I am urging all the wings of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and the countrymen to observe glorious Independence and National Day on 26th March with a vow to establish national unity, democracy and rule of law.