1 June 2024, Sat

Government increases the prices of all types of fuel; Secretary General protests

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Secretary General and former parliamentarian Professor Mia Golam Porwar has issued the following statement on 1st June, 2024 protesting and condemning government’s latest decision of increasing all types of fuel price from 1st June.

“I am protesting government’s decision of increasing fuel price. This decision is totally illogical, unjust and it goes against the public interest. The government is shocked and worried about the anti-people decision of the government. The prices of diesel and kerosene have been raised by Tk0.75 to Tk107.75 per litre from the existing Tk107. The price of petrol has been set at Tk127 per litre, up by Tk2.50 from Tk124.50 per litre. Similarly, the price of octane has been set at Tk131 per litre, up by Tk2.50 from Tk128.50 per litre.

The fuel price hike decision will create negative impact upon the entire economy and create ill-reaction in business and other economic activities. The kerosine oil price have been increased. So, the poor people will not be able to lit their lights. It will raise their cooking cost as well.

The price hike of petrol, diesel and octane will cause transportation fare in buses, launches and other vehicles. The cost of irrigation will be increased. The price of all essential commodities will be increased once again. So, the middle and low-income people will continue to suffer more terribly in the upcoming days.

This government is not an elected government. From moral ground, this government is illegitimate. They are operating by force. They do not bother at the sufferings of the general masses. Just a day before they also increased the water price as well. The government is increasing the price of all utility services to remain in office by force and also to pave the way for corruption.

For the greater interest of the people, I am urging the concerned authorities to withdraw the unjust decision of increasing fuel and energy prices.