22 April 2024, Mon

Mia Golam Porwar condemns the arrests of Rajshahi city Jamaat secretary Emaj Uddin Mondal and 10 others from the court premise

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Secretary General and former member of the Parliament Professor Mia Golam Porwar has issued the following statement on 22nd April, 2024 protesting and condemning the unlawful arrest of Rajshahi city Jamaat secretary Emaj Uddin Mondal and 10 others from Rajshahi court premises.

“Today, on 22nd April, Monday Rajshahi city Jamaat Ameer Dr. Maulana Keramat Ali, Secretary Emaj Uddin Mondal, former Rajshahi city president of Islami Chhatrashibir and 25 others leaders and activists went to Rajshahi Judge Court to attend their regular hearing. They had granted bail from the High Court earlier. But immediate after their arrival in the court premise, Rajshahi police and DB police members cordoned them all. Police’s such role in the court premise is very condemnable. We are vehemently protesting and condemning the incident.

Some of them managed to avoid police’s arrest drive. While, city Jamaat secretary Emaj Uddin Mondal became able to get into the court room. His lawyer sought protection of the court to get rid of the police’s harassment. But the court instructed Emaj Uddin Mondal to sent to the jail. Police also arrested 9 others from the court premise. The on-duty journalists protested police’s such actions. Resultantly, police took action against the journalists and snatched their cameras away.

Police’s such aggressive role inside the court premise is totally unlawful and it is beyond their professional capacity. When a person reaches at the court premise, they naturally come under the jurisdiction of law and from such spot, the police have no right to arrest them at all. So, police did not make a lawful task today by arresting Jamaat men from the court premises. Their role is tantamount to contempt of court.
We are urging the concerned authorities to release all detainees immediately and unconditionally.